As a speaker Adam H. Michaels presents a unique blend of visionary inspiration and unapologetic candor, challenging audiences to re-imagine everything, they believe to be true about themselves and their businesses.

Within his provocative and high energy 45-60 minute keynotes, Adam will embed real world examples from his personal experience as a sales practitioner, leader, and entrepreneur.  Having personally built several businesses from scratch,  served as the leader of a team of nearly 5,000 at a Fortune 150 insurance company, and guided thousands of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other business leaders in solving some of the toughest challenges they face- Adam brings a unique and broad perspective to almost any organization.  

Keynotes & Workshops- Choose One of Theses Or Customize To Suit Your Audience



In this keynote, Adam will utilize his descriptive metaphor of Tugboats and Lighthouses (as described in he recently released book entitled Sink or Shine), to demonstrate an epic paradigm shift that has occurred across industries as he reveals what it takes to thrive in today’s business environment. He will make the case that only those businesses that take thoughtful and intentional action to establish and execute against an authentic mission with a keen focus on bringing value will survive in the coming economy scaling at will- attracting talent and clients by the brightness of their mission. 



In this hard-hitting keynote, Adam will share the leadership secrets that he leveraged to create unparalleled and sustained growth throughout his 25 years as a business leader. Whether audience members lead small, midsized, or large teams Adam’s provocative yet simple philosophies will help them identify the right people for advancement, improve overall team performance, and achieve like never before. 



 In this keynote geared primarily for sales teams and startups, Adam will help attendees gain a better understanding of the six biggest challenges they face providing before delivering an actionable blueprint that can be leveraged to avoid the most common pitfalls of under-performance. 



This keynote is intended for sales teams that once appreciated stellar results but have seemingly plateaued and/or are struggling to get their mojo back. Based on the simple premise that “a healthy company is a growing company”, Adam will deliver a recipe to build and maintain momentum in all aspects of your business setting the course for sustainable growth   

Half and Full Day Workshops

Statistics show that, without a plan for immediate implementation, 80% of informational knowledge is lost within 30 days. Therefore, time and budget permitting, we recommend workshops on any of the above topics in either a three or six hour format . These interactive, activity-driven modular learning sessions can be added as a follow-up to the keynote or as a standalone program and will serve to refresh (or introduce) the key concepts from the motivational keynotes helping participants apply the principles directly to their business, resulting in quick wins and defined, longer-term priorities. 

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