Let’s face it, growing competition and a maelstrom of poorly executed strategy has combined to create disenfranchised consumer and employee populations who are demanding more value from their potential suitors. This sea of change is forcing American businesses and their leaders to consider the fact that doing what they have always done, will not deliver the same results as in the past. In Sink or Shine, we make the case that a thoughtful and intentional plan predicated on an authentic mission with a keen focus on value is central to future success. Companies who combine these attributes with a commitment to pay special attention to talent, leadership, and messaging will stand tall upon the shoreline as a beacons in the marketplace. They will Shine bright attracting clients and talent while all the others will sink into the abyss.  




 Whether you’re a business leader, an entrepreneur, or anyone in between, Sink or Shine is an unapologetic, candid conversation about what it takes to thrive in today’s business climate. Within its pages are stories about companies and individuals that are doing it right and a warning to those that refuse to change course of their imminent demise. It serves as a conduit to reimagine the potential of your company and provides a blueprint to follow so that you are able to effortlessly attract clients and talent by the brightness of your mission. 

About The Authors

Adam H. Michaels

has sat across the table from thousands of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders seeking to understand and solve the biggest issues they face. Having spent much of his professional career as an entrepreneur, he joined a Fortune 150 company where led a team of 5,000 become an industry juggernaut.  Adam has recently launched his next venture- an effort to build  The Best Gig in the Gig Economy™  and the first specifically targeting insurance and financial services professionals and those seeking something more professional than delivering groceries or driving a ride share. Toi find out more about Enrollify, visit www.TheBestGig.com . Adam is passionate about sales and entrepreneurism and offers his insights through weekly web series entitled Elevate with Adam and a podcast called - The Lighthouse with Adam H. Michaels . Both have appreciated a significant and highly engaged following leading him to be featured on Grant Cardone’s Meet the Pros and in The Huffington Post. 

Dayna Williams

has been consulting on sales performance improvement and talent development initiatives for 15 years. She is currently the head of learning solutions for Caliper, has served on several non-profit boards and speaks frequently around the country. 

What Others Are Saying About Sink Or Shine

Jeb Blount


Founder & CEO of Sales Gravy, 

Author of ten books including 

NY Times Best-Seller, Fanatical Prospecting  

“I’ve seen Adam lead individuals, small groups, and massive teams- now he does it in the written word. This book is a must for anyone who is, or aspires to be an entrepreneur or business leader” 

Dr. Brandi Baldwin-Rana


 Founder of Millennial Ventures Holding Company & Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business

"Sink or Shine provides a bold look at the future of work. A future where the playing field can be leveled and redefined for those willing to use their entrepreneurialism and individual influence to spark change in their workplace. Michaels and Williams urge us to abandon the status quo while embracing a new set of possibilities. Very well done!" 

Angela Courtin


 Global Head of Marketing for YouTube TV & Originals 

 "Sink or Shine provides a clear vision of what it takes to win big in today’s business environment. The examples of companies doing it right are every bit as important as the warnings of what to avoid” 

In The News


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